Sunday, November 2, 2014

Poker Room Promotions! Screw Um? Love Um? Meh?!

There has been a lot of discussion among my poker buddies lately regarding PROMOTIONS. Are they good for the game? Bad? Neutral? Well I'm no authority but here are a few of my thoughts on poker room promotions from my observations from playing in both types of rooms . . .

Any promotion based on weekly/monthly free-roll qualification or cash back after X hours cater to tighter regulars who effectively split more of the recreational players' money among themselves. The other promotions, those based on random lottery like occurrences, cater more for recreational players and will therefore cause more ACTION in the games.

Regulars always complain about that extra dollar that's being taken out of every pot for promotions and their concern is how to get that specific dollar to come back to them. They miss the bigger picture about that dollar being used to bring (losing) players to the room to fund a great game. Bring in more fish. You can have my dollar!

In Vegas, we have rooms with the $1 drop and rooms without it and you get totally different clientele in each of the rooms. I find it is much easier to find a touristy table with bad regulars at the rooms with a drop than the non drop rooms.

It's all about what gets you the highest hourly in the end. I play at both types of rooms but find less solid players in the drop rooms so that affects my hourly as well. It's an interesting comparison.

Lastly, promotions change the game, which is a good thing for good players. Good players are more rapidly going to make the right adjustments. Poorer players will make more mistakes because they won't/can't adjust. If you like playing vs a tighter crowd then rooms with free roll promotions may be your bread and butter :) The more mistakes that are made, the more profitable the table...

Happy Fishing!