Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Two Street Hold'em - New, Fun, Funky Fresh.. Drinking Game?

I was invited out to test drive TSH, a new game that Ultimate Gaming (Ultimate Poker, UFC) will be rolling out on their web site this upcoming weekend. Here are my opinions on the game. Keep in mind that I am no math whiz but I generally do OK at poker.

Here are the rules as they were setup this particular evening:
  •   BUY-IN: $100
  •   LIMIT: NL
  •   STRUCTURE: $1-$2 w/ $1 ANTE Played 9 Handed
  •   RULES: There is a pre "flop" round of betting that mimics any regular NLH game, then a card is burned and a full complete 5 card community board is spread by the dealer. There is a final round of betting just like any 'river' in NLH and wham bam thank you ma'am.

If you are a fan of push fold and know your short stack strategy then I feel it could be profitable for you to check out this game. It's not a "pros game" because there is not much bluffing or hand reading the way they have the buy-in limits setup. I think they are planning to make it even more shallow when it goes live but we'll have to wait and see. Pre Flop: There is already 13% of your stack ($13) in the pot before any raises are made. By the time a raise is made and a few people call it, your almost obligated to get it in with suited connectors and a wide variety of hands. I'd have to stove the specific situations.  People can not resist raising when there is that much dead money in there. Remember the ante MTT from the WSOP? When I was dealt KK/QQ/ in EP I'd always limp it, then someone would raise then I'd ship. I'm not a fan of the limp raise in deep cash games. I always do my own raising to build pots but it worked like a charm at this particular table.  After a few people are felted and reload a few times the game will become deep (assuming the winners don't hit and run) and then it may be slightly more bearable to those of us who just don't want to get it all-in pre-flop.  They should just dub it ONE STREET HOLDEM because the river is almost a moot point with these stack sizes. I ran my $100 up to $492 in 2.5 hours but it was with AIPF scenarios. I won a few races, a few 70/30's etc. Never did I call, hit a flush, or set-mine then value bet the river. The effective stacks are too shallow or any type of 3-beting other then AI. Everyone kept saying "Ohhhh, I flopped this or that but since you get dealt the all 5 cards after the first round of betting we are going to have to say "Lets see a river dealer!' before any community cards are unleashed.

I had a good time at Ultimate and it's a fun game that may make newbies more apt to give da pokers a try :) That's the ultimate goal here IMO. If it helps bring people into the game and boost the poker economy then I'm all for it.  I may add this little sucker into our next home drinking game.

On a side note, I got to play with Lauren King, Dan O'Brien, Terrance Chance, Chris Danek and some of the Ultimate guys. Jason Somerville was stuck back east due to the inclement weather. Their office is pretty slick. Full size arcade machines, thin mint cookies, free snacks, ultimate fighter gear etc.

What are your thoughts?
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