Sunday, July 28, 2013

Need to remember? GO THE FU*K TO SLEEP!

This is kinda fReAkY but makes me want to try hypnosis now.... I found myself in the middle of a dream last night I was conversing with my best friend Ken, and became irritated! We couldn't remember the NAME or NUMBER of this good Italian restaurant we'd visited Virginia Beach. I didn't eat the previous day hence the food dream. ;) Anyway, in my dream I decided to use Google (duh) to look this joint up and procure some baked ziti! What a fucking endorsement for Google btw. Those bastards are taking over the unconscious universe too.  OK, so I proceeded to type in the cross streets (Witchduck & Princessanne Rd) on the dreamy neon keyboard and presto, Ragazzi's Italian Grill 757- 557-0517 pops up! Fake dream world problem solved!

This is not an amazing feat whatsoever in real life, but whats absolutely CRAZY AS HELL to me is if that if I WAS CONSCIOUS I WOULD OF **NEVER** BEEN ABLE TO RECALL THIS INFORMATION.  Maybe closing your eyes and pretending to Google in your mind is the key to crystal clear recall...nope just tried it.. FAIL. You could hold a GUN to my head and I'd never of came up with the name, more less the phone number of this place! Man. Perhaps these ginkgo biloba and melatonin supplements are really kicking in! Intriguing..!

Who knows what kinds of other hidden information from years ago we can't access during our busy waking  hours. Or maybe we've seen something that could better the lives of millions and we just have no clue!? We go through our daily lives encountering so much stress, doubts and other considerations that our brain's index gets cloudy or scattered (hypothesis). Think about all the POKER knowledge you've acquired from  awesome books BUT yet you still can't instantly apply concepts, and we play many hands like total buffoons! (Bam! I worked poker in to the blog bitches) Perhaps some old conversation is even still lurking around subconsciously keeping us from taking a much needed risk or a plunge.

I woke up shortly thereafter to grab some water (among other things) and decided to verify my brains simulated search engine. Exact match Horatio! Although I was already having a problem remembering the last 2 digits of the phone number after being awake maybe 90 seconds.

FWIW  ( )

Your mind is more amazing then you realize! This is probably a good jumping point to branch off into topics like hypnosis, meditation, shakti, yogi etc but I'm going to end this and go use a COMP at the breakfast buffet! That's right I said buffet!!

   If I don't post again, avenge my death!!

BONUS: Hand History from Planet Hollywood Las Vegas 1-2 (Feel free to leave comments)
 (130BB Effective Stacks) hero is dealt QhQs on the BUTTON 2 prior players limp and hero raises to $12. 1 limper folds and one calls. (Pot is $28) Flop QdAd4r  Villain checks and Hero bets $25. Villain calls ($78) Turn Jx Villain checks again and hero bets $45, villain calls quickly (Pot is now $168) River Tx villain insta ships $150 into hero. Villains action is strong as fuck given my line. Not sure he limp calls AK pre instead of just open raising himself. KQ is another hand that hits the straight that makes sense but I have the queen blockers obv. Who's calling? Who's folding? Who's ordering shots from the cocktail waitress?


Grange95 said...

I think I call unless this guy is a total nut peddler with no bluffs in his range. I think an average player has Aces-up and bluffs in his range enough to call. Regardless, shots are in order.

Sean Wookie said...

Charging more on the turn, and probably calling river.. how many players are shoving the nuts into you hoping you call, vs checking or betting small? Seems a bit bluffy. Need more info on Villain.
Worried about Kxdd hands, but plenty of 2 pair, smaller sets and missed draws in range.
need more info or good read to fold here, but vs certain villains, might be the right thing to do.