Friday, June 28, 2013

Thrifty Hungry Hungry Hippos

Sometimes you just want to have a decent meal in Vegas and not pay strip prices. Here are some suggestions and ideas for the thrifty nit in all of us! (thanks everyone who contributed)

Inexpensive Eats In Las Vegas for Cheap Bastards:
• NFL Update: Wicked Vicky Tavern special during NFL games: $15 gets you 15 giant wings and a pitcher of one of the following beers: Newscastle, Batch 19, Bass Ale, Blue Moon, Deschutes Butte/Mirror Pond, Dogfish Seasonal, North Coast Pranqster, Firestone Walker Pivo Pils, Guinness, Harp, Hoegaarden, Hop City Barking Squirrel, Innis & Gunn Original or Seasonal. Not a bad selection!
• Groupon iPhone App: Will get you half off of a LOT of good restaurants and you’ll discover some fun new cool places!
• Yelp iPhone App: Also has a search called "offering a deal" use it! Also can search by low prices!
Cabo Mexican Restaurant in Palace Station AYCE Crispy Tacos 12-6pm every day! $7.99 also $2 beers $3 shots
• Rio Buffet HALF OFF locals. (tr card for extra off) Usually they will let you bring one out of state guest and still give both of you half off.
•The Pub at Monte Carlo has a 50% off card for locals which works Sun-Thurs on beer and appetizers
• Ellis Island Cafe $7.99 steak dinner $3.99 / 2 scrambled eggs, biscuits & gravy and bacon or sausage from 11p-6a
• Mr Luckys at Hard Rock $7.77 secret Gambler Special! You get an 8-ounce steak, three grilled shrimp, mashed potatoes and salad!
• Blondies inside of Miracle Mile shops has a locals discount card for 25% off
• Stations casinos have $12 buffets for minimal slot play with your passport card
• $2 Crab Tuesdays at Crab Corner. Crab Corner features trays piled high with steamed blue crabs that are fresh from the Chesapeake Bay and seasoned with J.O. Spice, the Old Line State’s very own blend of seafood seasoning. On Tuesdays, crabs and beers are only $2 a pop
• P.J. Clarke's: The New York chop house and watering hole's outpost in the Forum Shops at Caesars is famous for its $1 oysters at happy hour (typically, daily from 3pm to 6pm)
• Reverse happy hour Yardhouse Twn Sq 10pm•
• Sammy's Wood fired grill happy Hr 4-6pm
• Southpont after midnight at Coronado Cafe. Tons of good deals! from $3.75!
• Mint Indian Bistro Lunch Buffett $11
$20 three course lunch special @ Milos Estiatorio in Cosmo is great! -
• Palms 24,7 cafe with card cheap deals
• PTs has half off pizza after midnight
• Kabuki Sushi Mon-Fri 3pm-6pm Town Sq/Sake and beer $1.95
• July 4th $600K giveaway, Happy Hour specials, 4th of July BBQ, FREE apple pie & champagne party
• Use your poker comps
• Occasionally you will check in a place with Foursquare it it will pop up with a free appetizer and such
• Get a local ID. A few places have deals for locals!
• Terrible's Bougainvillea Cafe on Flamingo T-bone steak dinner $9.99 with a beer! It's not on the menu, so ask your server about this special. Available 24 hours.
• Tony Roma's $11.99 Steak and lobster special Fremont. Offered daily, 9 p.m. - 11 p.m. Also have prime rib dinner $8.99 from 4:30pm-6:30pm
• Silverton $12.99 7-ounce sirloin steak, golden fried shrimp, choice of baked potato, rice or french fries and soup or salad
• Silverton AYCE Pancakes! $4.99: All-you-can-eat pancakes at the Sundance Grill in the Silverton available from midnight - 5 a.m
• Breakfast - Orleans $6.99: Two eggs, two pieces of bacon, two sausages, two slices of French toast and hash browns at Courtyard Cafe.
• Breakfast - Steiners $5.89:  Includes two eggs, bacon, ham or sausage, hash browns and choice of bread
• Flame Kabob: Flame-broiled kabobs here $6.99. 1405 E. Sunset Road
• Anime Ramen has $5 Gyoza (Comely female servers sport pink wigs, an added attraction at this funky little storefront, decorated with manga)
• Musashi happy hr after midnight
• 24 hr Fridays GC & Orleans are generally cheap
• Order smoothes/tomato/juices at poker table
• Forage from room service trays! Use those hunter-gatherer skills :)
• Steal crackers and ketchup packets from delis and nearby cafes
• Ultimate Happy Hour Guide:
• Dinning Deals
• A $5 Monorail pass is only $1 with local ID (limit 2 per day) (4/15/14)

• AMC Town Sq - $5 Before 6pm
• Palms - $5 Mondays/Tues 2 tix+2 sodas+one popcorn $22
• South Point - $5 Tuesdays
• Orleans - $5 Tuesdays
• Suncoast - $5 Tuesdays

PP.S. I still refuse to watch Broke Back Mountain


Thursday, June 20, 2013

DTF and Healthy Deep Fried Oreos (Downtown Freemont)

Merry Thursday!!

I have a lot of friends here in Vegas who've taken poker dealing classes for large sums of money. Well it's time to save your money for a night out drinking! These videos I just found on YouTube are spot on! Very detailed and precise. The instructor is almost overly through. BONUS: There's no cheesy music!

P.S. Dealers still suck at poker

Thursday, June 13, 2013

I just had a brilliant idea! In an effort to loosen up my tight image, think I'm going to wear one of these during the next WSOP event I play.

Some observations from the last few days of Aria 1-3 NLH

People Spazz On Paired Flops
The jig is up! Too many books are preaching the fact the no can have much on a paired board. It's true and a large percentage of the players are starting realize this now. Ex: A guy limp calls the PFR with 87, and gets a 833r flop is fully willing to stack off for 200 BBs and go broke vs the PFR who usually has a hand like TT+ :) I saw this over and over again at Aria in a mere 5 hour session. Consider this next time your thinking about c-betting a paired board with air. If you happen to have a monster hand or hit the flop then god bless you.. your getting PAID son!

Short Term Reads
In Las Vegas people move in and out of the games so fast that I'm starting to think its not worth trying to put major brain energy into learning their tendencies. Picking up small things like bet sizing and how tight or loose they are is fine but anything beyond that may be wasted mental effort. There are a lot of tourists here in the games and there are too much other alluring things to do in a Vegas casino. Soon as you identify a tell or a leak, the guy is hauling ass to go eat, catch a show, or degen the black jack tables. When I sit in a game in Tunica or LA. Im pretty confident that most of the players are going to be there most of the night. There's not much else to do in Tunica besides cow tipping and the LA casinos aren't sexy or fun. Who would want to leave the game in either of those places??