Sunday, March 5, 2017


It is with a heavy heart that I share this news.. Mandy missing. She drove to San Diego on Sat Feb 18th... a trip she's been wanting to do for a long time. We know she made it there. Based on what we have to go by, her last location was at Sunset Cliffs, on Monaco Street. A combined effort of different first responders have done a search, but have not yet found her. She was by herself and may have fallen victim to abduction.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Getting Around Inexpensively and Quickly in Vegas!

Lyft (and uber) are fnally here in Las Vegas! Tons more convenient then limos, taxis and the monorail.

I've signed up as a driver and will be driving tourists around in my spare time.
We can even talk about poker if you want! lol

If you want to become a driver, use this referral link: (You'll get a bonus, as will I)

If you're just looking for a ride downtown or anywhere in Las Vegas: Install the LYFT app on your iPhone or Android from the app store and enter my discount code GEOFFREY635949 to save $10 off on your first ride.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Poker Room Promotions! Screw Um? Love Um? Meh?!

There has been a lot of discussion among my poker buddies lately regarding PROMOTIONS. Are they good for the game? Bad? Neutral? Well I'm no authority but here are a few of my thoughts on poker room promotions from my observations from playing in both types of rooms . . .

Any promotion based on weekly/monthly free-roll qualification or cash back after X hours cater to tighter regulars who effectively split more of the recreational players' money among themselves. The other promotions, those based on random lottery like occurrences, cater more for recreational players and will therefore cause more ACTION in the games.

Regulars always complain about that extra dollar that's being taken out of every pot for promotions and their concern is how to get that specific dollar to come back to them. They miss the bigger picture about that dollar being used to bring (losing) players to the room to fund a great game. Bring in more fish. You can have my dollar!

In Vegas, we have rooms with the $1 drop and rooms without it and you get totally different clientele in each of the rooms. I find it is much easier to find a touristy table with bad regulars at the rooms with a drop than the non drop rooms.

It's all about what gets you the highest hourly in the end. I play at both types of rooms but find less solid players in the drop rooms so that affects my hourly as well. It's an interesting comparison.

Lastly, promotions change the game, which is a good thing for good players. Good players are more rapidly going to make the right adjustments. Poorer players will make more mistakes because they won't/can't adjust. If you like playing vs a tighter crowd then rooms with free roll promotions may be your bread and butter :) The more mistakes that are made, the more profitable the table...

Happy Fishing!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Greetings guys,

Long time no blog post. That's what the tweeter is for right? Well, I've been pokering full time since April 2014. I'll post something more substantial soon. I've complied a list of useful and totally useless thoughts regarding Vegas, poker and life.. Stay tuned...

I know.. Your on the edge of your seat.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Two Street Hold'em - New, Fun, Funky Fresh.. Drinking Game?

I was invited out to test drive TSH, a new game that Ultimate Gaming (Ultimate Poker, UFC) will be rolling out on their web site this upcoming weekend. Here are my opinions on the game. Keep in mind that I am no math whiz but I generally do OK at poker.

Here are the rules as they were setup this particular evening:
  •   BUY-IN: $100
  •   LIMIT: NL
  •   STRUCTURE: $1-$2 w/ $1 ANTE Played 9 Handed
  •   RULES: There is a pre "flop" round of betting that mimics any regular NLH game, then a card is burned and a full complete 5 card community board is spread by the dealer. There is a final round of betting just like any 'river' in NLH and wham bam thank you ma'am.

If you are a fan of push fold and know your short stack strategy then I feel it could be profitable for you to check out this game. It's not a "pros game" because there is not much bluffing or hand reading the way they have the buy-in limits setup. I think they are planning to make it even more shallow when it goes live but we'll have to wait and see. Pre Flop: There is already 13% of your stack ($13) in the pot before any raises are made. By the time a raise is made and a few people call it, your almost obligated to get it in with suited connectors and a wide variety of hands. I'd have to stove the specific situations.  People can not resist raising when there is that much dead money in there. Remember the ante MTT from the WSOP? When I was dealt KK/QQ/ in EP I'd always limp it, then someone would raise then I'd ship. I'm not a fan of the limp raise in deep cash games. I always do my own raising to build pots but it worked like a charm at this particular table.  After a few people are felted and reload a few times the game will become deep (assuming the winners don't hit and run) and then it may be slightly more bearable to those of us who just don't want to get it all-in pre-flop.  They should just dub it ONE STREET HOLDEM because the river is almost a moot point with these stack sizes. I ran my $100 up to $492 in 2.5 hours but it was with AIPF scenarios. I won a few races, a few 70/30's etc. Never did I call, hit a flush, or set-mine then value bet the river. The effective stacks are too shallow or any type of 3-beting other then AI. Everyone kept saying "Ohhhh, I flopped this or that but since you get dealt the all 5 cards after the first round of betting we are going to have to say "Lets see a river dealer!' before any community cards are unleashed.

I had a good time at Ultimate and it's a fun game that may make newbies more apt to give da pokers a try :) That's the ultimate goal here IMO. If it helps bring people into the game and boost the poker economy then I'm all for it.  I may add this little sucker into our next home drinking game.

On a side note, I got to play with Lauren King, Dan O'Brien, Terrance Chance, Chris Danek and some of the Ultimate guys. Jason Somerville was stuck back east due to the inclement weather. Their office is pretty slick. Full size arcade machines, thin mint cookies, free snacks, ultimate fighter gear etc.

What are your thoughts?
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 CajunDragon ( Geoff )

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Limitless has its limits

My mind has a hard time thinking about one specific thing for great lengths of time. I tend to jump from topic to topic at random. It keeps life interesting to say the least. To combat this problem Adderall was prescribed to me a few years ago. It's a very a potent amphetamine psycho-stimulant pharmaceutical drug used in the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). When you take your 'dose' in the morning you feel amazing, alert and focused. It works well and does what it's supposed to. However, no wonder drug comes without side effects. Usually when the mid to late evening arrives you feel like someone just backed over your puppy and Lucy has just pulled the football away yet again. (that puta!). You also can't sleep and when you finally do it's not very restful. If you look at the molecular structure of this drug, it's pretty similar to crystal meth and comes
with most of the same negative effects. People tend to forget to eat, grind their teeth away and have erratic mood swings for no logical reason. I feel like the cons of taking this drug on a regular basis outweigh the pros so a few weeks ago I've decided to cease taking it completely.

So I won't be able to work 9 hours a day then play a 8 hour poker session, but so what? We weren't designed to be alert, productive or happy 24,7.  Ned Flanders can keep that. Since stopping adderall I've felt really good just eating right, exercising and treating my body well.  I don't want to depend on anything unnecessary to live a healthy life from day to day. I'm sure there are people who genuinely need mood modification or drugs of this nature but I don't feel that it's me.

When I was younger I developed an irregular heart bead (WPW). The Dr told me I'd need medication for the rest of my life or to undergo surgery. I started eating healthy and lost over 100 lbs. I'm now off of any heart medication and I did not have surgery. The body has an amazing ability to fix itself if you treat it well and have the willpower to stick to a plan. Also, we can't take everything doctors tell us as gospel. High blood pressure? Take these pills! Or do something about it and find the root cause. Thoughts?

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Nothing To Do With BACON

Reading  'Ask And It Is Given' this week. Here is an excerpt from the book I found to be very relevant in my life and many others I've observed lately.

"You are surrounded by many influences in your environment, and often, others ask or insist that you behave differently in order to positively affect their experience. You are deluged with laws, rules, and expectations that are imposed by others, and almost everyone seems to have an opinion about how you should behave. But it is not possible for you to stay on track between where you are and where you want to be if you are using those kinds of outside influences to guide you.

Often you are pulled this way and that in an attempt to please another, only to discover that no matter how hard you try, you cannot consistently move in any pleasing direction, and so, you not only do not please them, but you also do not please yourself. And because you are being pulled in so many different directions, your path to where you want to be usually gets lost in the process.

The greatest gift that you could ever give to another is your own happiness, for when you are in a state of joy, happiness, or appreciation, you are fully connected to the stream of pure, positive energy that is truly who you are. And when you are in that state of connection, anything or anyone that you are holding as your object of attention benefits from your attention.

No one else needs you to be or do things for them in order for them to be fulfilled—for all of them have the same access to the same resources that you do. Often, others suffer in their inability to hold themselves in a place of feeling good, and ask you to behave in a way that they believe will make them feel better. But not only do they hold you in a place of discomfort as they try to make you responsible for their joy, they hold themselves in a place of bondage as well. For they cannot control the way any other behaves, and if that control is necessary for their happiness, then they truly are in trouble." -- Page 88

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Who Dat!

We are already getting ready for the 2014 Mardi Gras season. If you don't book your room multiple months in advance you might find the French Quarter sold out when you arrive. If you've never experienced the jazz, food, parades and over all great atmosphere for New Orleans during this time of year, I'd highly recommend taking some time to visit. There is a Harrah's casino at the base of the central business district for all you poker players. The games during Mardi Gras are filled with drunk tourist fishes. :)

Burbon St

Bourbon St located in the
'Vieux Carre' section

You foodies will love NOLA. The French Quarter is a melting pot of French, Spanish, Cajun and Creole influences that all add up to a very American neighborhood. Born as a French territory in 1718 and raised by the Spanish until the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, the French Quarter today reflects and embraces the diversity of the U.S.A.

Watching some Louis CK comedy at the moment.. Here is the link, if you feel like laughing at inappropriate things for awhile

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Need to remember? GO THE FU*K TO SLEEP!

This is kinda fReAkY but makes me want to try hypnosis now.... I found myself in the middle of a dream last night I was conversing with my best friend Ken, and became irritated! We couldn't remember the NAME or NUMBER of this good Italian restaurant we'd visited Virginia Beach. I didn't eat the previous day hence the food dream. ;) Anyway, in my dream I decided to use Google (duh) to look this joint up and procure some baked ziti! What a fucking endorsement for Google btw. Those bastards are taking over the unconscious universe too.  OK, so I proceeded to type in the cross streets (Witchduck & Princessanne Rd) on the dreamy neon keyboard and presto, Ragazzi's Italian Grill 757- 557-0517 pops up! Fake dream world problem solved!

This is not an amazing feat whatsoever in real life, but whats absolutely CRAZY AS HELL to me is if that if I WAS CONSCIOUS I WOULD OF **NEVER** BEEN ABLE TO RECALL THIS INFORMATION.  Maybe closing your eyes and pretending to Google in your mind is the key to crystal clear recall...nope just tried it.. FAIL. You could hold a GUN to my head and I'd never of came up with the name, more less the phone number of this place! Man. Perhaps these ginkgo biloba and melatonin supplements are really kicking in! Intriguing..!

Who knows what kinds of other hidden information from years ago we can't access during our busy waking  hours. Or maybe we've seen something that could better the lives of millions and we just have no clue!? We go through our daily lives encountering so much stress, doubts and other considerations that our brain's index gets cloudy or scattered (hypothesis). Think about all the POKER knowledge you've acquired from  awesome books BUT yet you still can't instantly apply concepts, and we play many hands like total buffoons! (Bam! I worked poker in to the blog bitches) Perhaps some old conversation is even still lurking around subconsciously keeping us from taking a much needed risk or a plunge.

I woke up shortly thereafter to grab some water (among other things) and decided to verify my brains simulated search engine. Exact match Horatio! Although I was already having a problem remembering the last 2 digits of the phone number after being awake maybe 90 seconds.

FWIW  ( )

Your mind is more amazing then you realize! This is probably a good jumping point to branch off into topics like hypnosis, meditation, shakti, yogi etc but I'm going to end this and go use a COMP at the breakfast buffet! That's right I said buffet!!

   If I don't post again, avenge my death!!

BONUS: Hand History from Planet Hollywood Las Vegas 1-2 (Feel free to leave comments)
 (130BB Effective Stacks) hero is dealt QhQs on the BUTTON 2 prior players limp and hero raises to $12. 1 limper folds and one calls. (Pot is $28) Flop QdAd4r  Villain checks and Hero bets $25. Villain calls ($78) Turn Jx Villain checks again and hero bets $45, villain calls quickly (Pot is now $168) River Tx villain insta ships $150 into hero. Villains action is strong as fuck given my line. Not sure he limp calls AK pre instead of just open raising himself. KQ is another hand that hits the straight that makes sense but I have the queen blockers obv. Who's calling? Who's folding? Who's ordering shots from the cocktail waitress?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It's Peanut Butter Jelly (Soda) Time!

Greetings My Fellow Villains,

Most people I know have blogs that are 5-10 pages each. Who has that kinda time now a days!?

I don't want my 7 readers to fall asleep so you usually won't get that from me. Soooo... I'm supposed to tell you about how I allegedly fucked up royally this last month, but somehow make it entertaining and yet funny. Maybe that would happen if someone wanted to float me an adderall. Let's just say I'm pretty lucky to have understanding friends (who knew)  I'll just spare you all the details and just leave a few things I've learned for you to digest.

Here are 4 simple rules that if you stick to in life, poker, purgatory, and the after-world will generally help you get along better with your fellow man:
  • Don't make assumptions / Just ask
  • Be impeccable with your word (Even to yourself)
  • Don't take anything personally
  • Always do your BEST!

Who's the demographic for this soda?

So stop rushing, see things from your friends perspective, relax, and wash behind your ears then you should be back on the right track for a health, fun, productive life.

On a side note I've been getting in a lot more hours on the felt due to some internal and external motivation. (Good). I haven't done anything much besides eat, work and poker. I haven't watched a GOOD TV series in awhile and would I'd like to get hooked on something besides drugs, booze and loose women. Share your thoughts on your favorite shows by commenting here, FB, Tweetie, Email, Voicemail, Teletype, Fax etc..

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